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AbdulQader AlRais chose the representative realistic art as art made by imagination. His artistic reality 'is all from the imagination', so he chose to develop the imagination, looking forward to the opening of creativity, the maker of beauty in the meaning and building of light and colour. He is very confident and fully convinced that "whoever does not have imagination has nothing".


AlRais found in colours and inks the freedom to form his perspective and his visionary reality in light. In this ne imagination, Al Rais finds the contents of the images and the letters of light of light that diverges on new form of colour. These emerge as strange and amazing images that bring joy.


He moved from the pain of doubt and uncertainty as his eye caught the light. It even awakens in the lovers in the beast: the heart, conscience and the passion of the soul. These are the dreams trough which he pours on his canvas the questionings of his inks and their colours and shapes, the designs of his lines and the beauty of his letters. This is the beauty of the Creator in his separate creatures.


AlRais no longer paints like a learner but is guided by his masterpiece from the structure of purity to the worship of art, to the extent of praise and contrasting images, those that show what they hide and hide what they show.

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