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Early Figures

Analysis of the movement of a human being takes into consideration feelings and sensations, disappointment and longing, poverty and wealth, the condition of the self in attempting to see what can't be seen and detecting consciousness - the heart and soul, forming them from the anvil... this condition is the mission. What is the secret of this weak/ strong person? What is the secret of that look: sketching the Gulf woman? And that smile: sketching the Mona Lisa? What are the secrets of this facade that dissolve the features? And these faces: the girl and the child? And who is sleeping and awake? A child playing and in the distance we see the woman assess the following. Collection of works, of sketches and studies: Between the years 1967 (the setback) and 1973 (the passing), the artist AbdulQader AlRais only found himself in the colors of the details: features faces, doors, windows and passageways, until he reached his goal, the future.

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